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Education Center

Did you know that in colonial times people used almanacs and weather vanes to predict the weather? Learn about predicting the weather, find out what makes the atomic clock tick, and discover why you would want a weather radio.
Weather Instruments for predicting the weather

How do you predict the weather? The word "predicting" may not be the best word to explain weather forecasting because of the subtle intonations of prophesy that are implied. You don't need psychic ability to forecast the weather. Our weather instruments put scientific information to work for you.
Weather Equipment Terminology
What is that spinning thing called? And what do those F and C letters mean? What's the difference between humidity and relative humidity?
Atomic Clocks
It sounds beautiful: Fountains of atoms. Wouldn't it be neat to watch the Cesium Atomic Clock at work? The atomic clock helps define Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the official world time.
Weather Radios
You may be wondering exactly what weather radios broadcast? They give you the weather and warnings for “all hazards” like earthquakes, tornados, and chemical spills.

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